Release Notes - Blazegraph (by SYSTAP) - Version BLAZEGRAPH_RELEASE_1_5_3 - HTML format


  • [BLZG-946] - OneOrMorePath SPARQL property path expression ignored
  • [BLZG-1300] - SUM(DISTINCT $a) does not take DISTINCT into account
  • [BLZG-1344] - The bigdata-bundled.jar SPARQL endpoint ignores repeated Accept headers
  • [BLZG-1368] - Blueprints TestPathConstraints Failing After Merge with Master
  • [BLZG-1397] - Line numbers are incorrect in SPARQL UPDATE error messages
  • [BLZG-1398] - RIO CSV handler should be bundled
  • [BLZG-1404] - Poor performance of SPARQL UPDATE
  • [BLZG-1436] - hint:runLast ignored for ALP and possibly VALUES
  • [BLZG-1439] - loadGraphML throws RuntimeException "Expecting Content-Type of application/xml, not text/html"
  • [BLZG-1443] - Explore query is too complex.
  • [BLZG-1475] - variable visibility FILTER EXISTS inside FILTER NOT EXISTS
  • [BLZG-1493] - NPE in nested star property paths
  • [BLZG-1494] - Do not attach FILTER to UNION
  • [BLZG-1495] - Property paths with trailing ? not treated properly


  • [BLZG-28] - Add Java client examples to wiki
  • [BLZG-204] - Add section on jetty configuration to NSS wiki page
  • [BLZG-1309] - Report detailed timing for SPARQL UPDATE
  • [BLZG-1438] - avoid code duplication imposed by HashIndexOp and its subclasses
  • [BLZG-1446] - Provide detailed statistics on execution performance inside of SPARQL UPDATE requests.

New Feature


  • [BLZG-192] - Enable group commit by default
  • [BLZG-1376] - BlazeGraph Release 1.5.3
  • [BLZG-1401] - Workspace and backend should not permit an empty namespace name
  • [BLZG-1412] - Move bigdata-rdf/samples in the blazegraph-samples repository
  • [BLZG-1413] - move bigdata/src/samples to blazegraph-samples
  • [BLZG-1427] - Recycling must be able to make progress while allocations contexts are open (interaction with session protection must not prevent recycling)
  • [BLZG-1440] - Write up issues with bottom-up, left-to-right evaluation in SPARQL. Post to blog and user guide.
  • [BLZG-1457] - Explore query in Workbench
  • [BLZG-1461] - Add Unit Tests to Blazegraph-samples projects
  • [BLZG-1490] - Validate 1.5.3 Fixes are all in 1.5.2 Maintenance Branch
  • [BLZG-1492] - Release Blazegraph Samples
  • [BLZG-1496] - 1.5.3 Benchmarks


  • [BLZG-1307] - Combine updates into a single update
  • [BLZG-1314] - RWStore must not allow transparent re-introduction of an IAllocationContext
  • [BLZG-1407] - Cherry pick RWStore allocators and related change delta, create PR and merge to master when clean
  • [BLZG-1420] - Investigate PhysicalAddressExceptions from BLZG-1418
  • [BLZG-1451] - Partition the set of EXPLAIN improvements into those that will be done now and those that will be done later.
  • [BLZG-1452] - Add annotations to the AST to support EXPLAIN improvements that we will implement now.
  • [BLZG-1453] - Provide documentation on how to recognize EXPLAIN features that we will support now.
  • [BLZG-1476] - Report out additional statistics for SPARQL UPDATE operations

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