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Static Query Optimizer



The static query optimizer considers the fast range counts of the different access paths which could be used by the plan and reorganizes the query plan in order to minimize the expected cardinality based on the fast range counts and some heuristics, e.g., concerning the propagation of variable bindings. The static query optimize does not have information about the "as-bound" cardinality of the access paths and will sometimes get the wrong join ordering as a result. This can result in a more expensive query plan. Sometimes these issues can be addressed by adding new heuristics to the static query optimizer. However, you can also disable the static query optimizer using a query hint and reorder the joins by hand into a known good order.

Issues: Unresolved

Key Summary Due Date
New Feature BLZG-741 Extend ASTStaticJoinOptimizer to reorder arbitrary length path nodes.
Bug BLZG-844 bds:search bds:search
Bug BLZG-972 poor optimizer choice: split query into separate components? (simple OR in property path)

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Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Bug BLZG-4323 hint:runFirst not considered for Subqueries and Named Subquery Includes
Bug BLZG-1795 badly incorrect estimated cardinalities with VALUES
Bug BLZG-1738 Inconsistent update with INSERT/DELETE

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Unreleased BLAZEGRAPH_1_5_4  
Unreleased CI  
Unreleased BLAZEGRAPH_2_2_0  
Unreleased BLAZEGRAPH_2_3_0  
Unreleased BLAZEGRAPH_2_1_3  
Unreleased BLAZEGRAPH_2_1_5  
Unreleased BLAZEGRAPH_2_1_6  

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