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BlazeGraph release 1.5.2




      - BLZG-556 Optimization for GRAPH uri {} and GRAPH ?foo {}
      - BLZG-800 select ?g { Graph ?g {} } incorrect
      - BLZG-843 Wildcard projection was not rewritten (see BLZG-1235)
      - BLZG-1001 optional eval order
      - BLZG-1101 Feature request: pre-heat the journal on startup
      - BLZG-1132 Exception while computing closure
      - BLZG-1155 hasStatements can overestimate and ignores includeInferred (REST API)
      - BLZG-1178 Bad Address: length requested greater than allocated slot (RWStore, GROUP COMMIT, HA-only)
      - BLZG-1170 Extend ESTCARD method for exact range counts
      - BLZG-1193 Integrate filters into the ALP service
      - BLZG-1194 Allow some inline IVs into the text index (IPv4)
      - BLZG-1205 Online backup for Journal
      - BLZG-1209 Resource... contexts not encoded/decoded according to openrdf semantics (REST API)
      - BLZG-1211 Inline URIs should work more like inline values
      - BLZG-1214 BigdataGraphFactory connect does not work with URL rewrites
      - BLZG-1217 BigdataGraphFactory.create not working correctly.
      - BLZG-1219 CREATE DATA SET does not report Location header.
      - BLZG-199 Refactor RemoteRepository / RemoteRepositoryManager
      - BLZG-1221 BigdataSailRemoteRepository uses non-daemon thread pool
      - BLZG-1222 Query fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
      - BLZG-30 External Solr Search
      - BLZG-1235 BOpUtility.postOrderIteratorWithAnnotations() is has wrong visitation order (see BLZG-843)
      - BLZG-1237 new defect DumpJournal fails on non-BTree classes
      - BLZG-1243 bigdata-client does not invoke ServiceProviderHook.forceLoad()
      - BLZG-207 RemoteRepository does not CANCEL a SPARQL UPDATE if there is a client error.
      - BLZG-1261 createRepository() does not set the namespace on the Properties
      - BLZG-34 Bug in JiniCoreServicesConfiguration.getServiceRegistrars() (infinite wait)
      - BLZG-42 Per query memory limit for analytic query mode.
      - BLZG-43 Add System property to enable analytic query mode.
      - BLZG-30: isRunLast() mode for services
      -BLZG-48 Query fails to project subquery variables
      -BLZG-50 Queries with multiple VALUES clauses
      -BLZG-1256 Service call with values clauses create a cross product
      -BLZG-1299 duplicates in VALUES get replicated
      -BLZG-1327 Computation of maybe and definitely incoming bindings in subqueries
      -BLZG-1331 Duplicate LET expression leading to NotMaterializedException
      -BLZG-1131 Enhanced FILTER optimizer
      -BLZG-1350 Performance counter depth does not allow 0
      -BLZG-876 BIND not executed before SERVICE call
      -BLZG-1018 poor filter placement
      -BLZG-1281 FILTER FILTER != not working
      -BLZG-1284 optional / filter ! bound interaction malfunction
      -BLZG-1296 named subquery and VALUES expression
      -BLZG-1315 ASTJoinOrderOptimizerByType refactoring
      -BLZG-1358 SERVICE node placement issues
      -BLZG-1351 Collect additional statistics for EXPLAIN
      -BLZG-1346 DistinctTermScanOp is not retrieving all data
      - BLZG-1363 Join reordering problems
      - BLZG-1021 optimizer = None and FILTER EXISTS
      - BLZG-1362 Blueprints Servlet may be broken.
      - BLZG-1361 Update workbench with new logo
      - BLZG-1207 getStatements() ignores includeInferred (REST API)
      - BLZG-789 BigdataSailRemoteRepositoryConnection should implement interface methods
      - BLZG-1379 Join reordering strictly according to W3C semantics

      Partially addressed (though not entirely resolved)
      -BLZG-1141 Strategies for VALUES+BIND queries (partially addressed)
      -BLZG-852 MINUS and UNION (partially addressed)
      - BLZG-1259 All REST API operations should be cancelable from both REST API and workbench.

      Documentation TODOs
      - done. Document on wiki the "exact" option (defaults false) for ESTCARD API (BLZG-1170)
      - done. Document on wiki the new HAS_STMT REST API method (BLZG-1155).
      - done. Document on wiki the semantics for the c& URL query argument (BLZG-1209).
      - done. Document changes to group commit APIs [1] (getUnisolatedConnection() => getConnection())

      Other TODOs
      - Additional test coverage for BLZG-789

      [1] http://wiki.blazegraph.com/wiki/index.php/GroupCommit
      [2] http://wiki.blazegraph.com/wiki/index.php/TxGuide
      [3] http://wiki.blazegraph.com/wiki/index.php/NanoSparqlServer#Transaction_Management


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