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    • Status: Done
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    • Affects Version/s: BIGDATA_RELEASE_1_4_0
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: B+Tree


      Initial release of the blaze graph engine.

      New features:
      - simplified deployer (Executable Jar)
      - Replaced apache client with jetty client (fixes http protocol layer errors in apache)
      - ALP Service (BLZG-1120)
      - updated banner.
      - updated logo.
      - new splash page.
      - Several bug fixes.
      - Several query optimizations.

      Tickets for this release:
      BLZG-745 Slow query with BIND
      BLZG-874 GRAPH ?g { FILTER NOT EXISTS { ?s ?p ?o } } not respecting ?g
      BLZG-910 Graph filter works on different graph that selected one
      BLZG-945 COUNT(DISTINCT) returns no rows rather than ZERO.
      BLZG-964 GRAPH ignored by FILTER NOT EXISTS
      BLZG-1030 Replace Apache Http Components with jetty http client
      BLZG-1034 double filter error
      BLZG-1044 (CONNEG using URL Query Parameter for json or xml results)
      BLZG-1108 GROUP BY optimization using distinct-term-scan and fast-range-count
      BLZG-187 1.4.0 pom references incorrect openrdf version
      BLZG-1115 Add a streaming API for construct queries on BigdataGraph
      BLZG-1117 Connection management with Blueprints
      BLZG-1120 ALP Service (custom property paths)
      BLZG-1121 SPARQL UPDATE QUADS DATA error with literals (SES-2063)
      BLZG-1122 Eclipse project in git repository is broken
      BLZG-1123 LaunderThrowable should not always throw an exception
      BLZG-1127 JVMNamedSubqueryOp throws ExecutionException with OPTIONAL and FILTER query
      BLZG-1128 Snapshot mechanism breaks with metabit demi-spaces
      BLZG-1129 Problem with IPV4 support
      BLZG-1130 Add ability to dump threads to status page
      BLZG-1133 Loading quads data into a triple store should strip out the context
      BLZG-1134 Named subquery results not referenced within query (bottom-up evaluation)
      BLZG-1136 expose version information in workbench or endpoint
      BLZG-1138 Set query timeout and response buffer length on jetty response listener
      BLZG-1142 (Configuration option for jetty request buffer size)
      BLZG-1143 (DELETE WITH ACCESS PATH fails if more than one named graph is specified)

      Remaining items blocking a release:
      - Document executable jar in wiki ReleaseGuide (how to publish it as part of a release).
      - Document HttpClient configuration for custom values. See JettyHttpClient page on wiki.
      - Baseline release against benchmarks (MS/BT).




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