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BlazeGraph Release 1.5.3



    • Type: Task
    • Status: Done
    • Priority: Medium
    • Resolution: Done
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: BLAZEGRAPH_RELEASE_1_5_3
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      Query optimization:
      -BLZG-1141 Strategies for VALUES+BIND queries (partially addressed in 1.5.2)
      -BLZG-852 MINUS and UNION (partially addressed in 1.5.2)
      -BLZG-249 Implement spatial indices and support SPARQL GIS query extensions.
      -BLZG-1304 Symmetric hash join operator (non-blocking)

      Project Management:
      - BLZG-38 Mavenization (see BLZG-344, BLZG-1204)
      - BLZG-1109 Deployers should have openrdf on classpath before bigdata
      - BLZG-1204 Maven Central Repository Deployment (see BLZG-344)
      - BLZG-204 Add section on jetty configuration to NSS wiki page
      - BLZG-1272 bigdata-gas must not use anything from bigdata
      - BLZG-23 Debian Packages
      - maven-generated deployer artifacts should include basic validation
      - code examples should include CI validation.
      - BLZG-1216 Post-Build SAIL and Blueprints Integration Testing

      REST API
      - BLZG-1176 SPARQL Parsers should not be db mode aware
      - BLZG-1099 BigdataSailUpdate.execute() commits the connection
      - BLZG-1242 control over echo-back of sparql update
      - BLZG-198 EXPLAIN query for embedded applications
      - BLZG-1259 All REST API operations should be cancelable from both REST API and workbench.
      - BLZG-1266 Create stress test for REST API with coverage of all methods and abort code paths.
      - BLZG-1106 Change RDFParser configuration to use BasicParserSettings
      - BLZG-1107 Add ability to set RIO options to REST API and workbench
      - BLZG-1210 Optimize hasStatement()

      Read/Write Tx
      - BLZG-1225 Support begin(), prepare(), isActive() in BigdataSailConnection
      - BLZG-1195 Read/write tx support in NSS and BigdataSailRemoteRepositoryConnection

      - BLZG-1236 Recycler error in 1.5.1
      - BLZG-29 HA test suite for transaction management API
      - BLZG-206 Code review and concepts for provably correctness for abort code paths
      - BLZG-1255 AbstractJournal has RWStrategy tests where it should test on IAllocationManager
      - BLZG-201 Examine interaction of small slots optimization and group commit.
      - BLZG-192 Enable group commit by default
      - BLZG-461 AbstractTask uses one TemporaryStoreFactory per read-only or read/write tx task.

      - BLZG-1179 Why is RDR parser test suite disabled?
      - BLZG-1228 RDF reification in SPARQL queries is not translated to RDR semantics
      - BLZG-1229 SPARQL* not parsed in SPARQL UPDATE
      - BLZG-1230 SPARQL parser should not automatically inject PREFIX declarations
      - BLZG-1231 SPARQL* fails to recognize nested statement in object position
      - BLZG-1232 RDR metaticket
      - BLZG-1233 StatementBuffer problems when loading in SIDs mode

      - Update NSS documentation to indicate that the UUID parameter is valid for all REST API requests per BLZG-1259
      - 1.5.3 benchmarks
      - Review GroupCommit [1] and TxGuide [2] and reconcile with NSS TX API [3].

      [1] http://wiki.blazegraph.com/wiki/index.php/GroupCommit
      [2] http://wiki.blazegraph.com/wiki/index.php/TxGuide
      [3] http://wiki.blazegraph.com/wiki/index.php/NanoSparqlServer#Transaction_Management


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