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New Method to Allow Graph Snippets in Blueprints


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      I would add that, if you are going to contemplate expanding on the API opportunity for RemoteClient, it would seem equally useful to explore anternatives to GML, which is an XML dialect, especially in the face of growing use of JSON objects as a potentially more useful serialization. Most everything (except Blueprints) has a toJSON() serialization.

      In my view, there are two points which separate Blazegraph from nearly every other Blueprints platform:
      1- reduced or non-existent "eventual consistency"
      2- when new Vertex(Object id) is executed, id is not ignored.

      What would make Blueprints better would be the ability to pass in properties, e.g. new Vertex (Object id, Map<String,Object> properties);
      I'll probably thump the blueprints community with that one...

      I can imagine a new method in RemoteRepository:

      public long postGraphMLSnippet(final String gmlString) throws Exception

      which allows me to just send GML snippets when I make a new Vertex of Edge...

      You can add vertices to the graph by defining them in a gml file or string (along with any properties you want) and then sending that gml across the wire via BigdataGraphClient.loadGraphML().

      loadGraphML --I didn't look yet.
      What I need is an API call something like acceptGML(String gmlString) that can be sent over the wire.
      You seem to be telling me that I cannot get away with runtime addVertex; setProperties; what I need to do is something like this:
      addVertex(String gmlString).

      If loadGraphML will do that, then fine, so long as it's an api call from the client.




          • Post a GraphML file to the remote server. (Bulk-upload operation.)
            public void loadGraphML(final String file) throws Exception {


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